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          全國免費服務熱線: 400-006-5511


          With the strongest technical and infrastructure nets,

          we provide our service to the all industrids and sectors

          我們服務于 Our Service To

          • 生產制造企業專業蟲害管理Manufacturing enterprise specialized pest management
          • 賓館酒店專業蟲害管理Hotel industry professional pest management
          • 商超食品零售業專業蟲害管理Supermarkets and food retail industry professional pest management
          • 學校專業蟲害管理School specialized pest management
          • 醫院專業蟲害管理Hospital professional pest management
          • 商務樓宇物業專業蟲害管理Professional pest management of business properties
          • 白蟻防制服務Termite control service

          我們的服務 Our Service

          We provide customers with MSDS material safety factor and the use of medication instructions and other professional information to eliminate your sensitivity to pesticides, and we purchased a personal accident insurance. We pursue high quality service at the same time, emphasize 100% security.
          Our commitment to constantly update our technology to ensure that we are responsible for the work, in line with environmental policy requirements, for our customers to create a safe and environmentally friendly working environment and healthy home life.
          Our service time according to your schedule, any time can be processed without affecting the business, the time is flexible and convenient.
          Excellent quality of service in the process of our work occupies a core position, which is based on our employees good quality and genuine efficient environmental protection agent, the effect is truly lasting, so our service actually more economical and more cost-effective.
          Our demand for customers is to maintain a rapid response, which includes the need to quickly provide services to customers, to reflect the rapid response to the customer, the customer' s style fast to provide solutions.

          服務流程 Service flow

          服務理念 Service Idea
          During the service guarantee to reach the national standard chusihai.
          Emergency service period if there are mice, cockroaches, Licheng environmental protection will be free to follow up.
          麗城環保所采用的藥劑符合國家用藥標準,并提供藥劑的清單、MSDS、 藥品標簽及農藥登記證。
          Licheng environmental protection the agents meet the national drug standards, and providing pharmaceutical list, MSDS, labels and pesticide registration certificate.
          In the customer site to carry out harmful biological control process caused by personnel casualties, product pollution, and due to accidents resulting in the loss of property of the third casualties, will be liable for compensation in accordance with law.


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